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Based on the principles of the Standards ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, Quamel incorporates tools for documenting processes and quality & security management.

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Quamel is a web platform where you can manage in an integrated way all the information related to the quality and security processes of your company, quickly, efficiently, at a low cost and from any device.

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We focus on processes
We facilitate the monitoring of your organization's processes. Document the activities and resources needed for the fulfillment of the quality and information security objectives.

We document the information
Quamel allows you to store and share files and documents related to the quality and security management system. It facilitates access to all information from one place.

We manage resources
Manage the labor information of the personnel and their competencies, plan training courses, manage and maintain the technological resources and information assets of the organization.

We evaluate clients and providers
It allows the management of clients, sending of online satisfaction surveys and the evaluation of the obtained results. In addition, the management and evaluation of supplies and suppliers.

We promote continuos improvement
Evaluate the performance of the organization throgh reports and graphical indicators. Allow to register non-conformities and opportunities for improvement to the members of the organization.

We plan and lead
Quamel provides tools for context analysis (SWOT) and risk analysis. It plans preventive and corrective actions and facilitates the communication of quality and security policies to the members of your company.

Adaptation to multi-devices
You can work from any internet browser on any device, both mobile and desktop computers. It is developed under high security standards and a UX specially designed for the management of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013.

Increased efficiency
It is a qualitative leap for an organization since it generates a direct and immediate increase in the efficiency of the company, accelerating processes and generating fluid internal communication through a notification system .

Custom profiles
It adjusts to the needs of your organization since it offers you the possibility of creating personalized user profiles according to their hierarchy (managers, directors, employees) with different levels of access at the information. It is also usable in two languages: English and Spanish.

Cost reduction
Being a system that works entirely in the cloud, it allows to completely eliminate physical documentation, generating significant savings for the company by reducing costs on paper and personnel dedicated exclusively to document maintenance.

Time saving
Allows easy communication within the company, favoring access to information by the entire structure; all forms required for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications are guaranteed to be readily available, anywhere, anytime.

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